Privacy Policy

OfferNCodes’s Privacy is solid and impenetrable. It has been designed specially to ensure complete security and to protect the rights of our cherished and esteemed stakeholders. We have made sure that all of our procedures comply fully with Ethical Standards and Regulations that have been laid by the authorities. Hence, we have implied most reasonable policies to ensure maximum protection of our affiliate’s privacy.

That being said, we ensure that your private information is very safe with us. Our affiliates and clients put their trust in us and we have always lived up to their expectations as well. The information we extract from you is used in a very careful manner, and when you use our platform for purchases or advertisement, you agree to our terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy.

1. Information That We Extract From You?

Be assured that we only extract the utmost information from our affiliates and customers. To further clear it, the kind of information we may collect from you includes Location, Name, Payment & Product Preferences as well as Contact Info. These are some of the necessary pieces of information that we require so that we can reach out to the consumer.

The Contact Info is stored solely in order to ensure prompt communication with the customer or affiliate. For customers, this info is used to inform them about new deals of their interests. Secondly, your preferences are stored in order to make sure you will get what you are searching for in less time and the results will be more effective.

2. How Is The Extracted Information Used?

Other than the above-mentioned purposes, let’s make the use of information more clear, as we know it might be a matter of concern for you. In order to ensure effective and efficient communication with you, we need to keep a record of your preferences. With this information we can promptly communicate to you the upcoming big deals and discounts and be able to bargain with our affiliates on your behalf and be able to provide you with better and more lucrative deals.

Your location can be used in order to inform you about great new offers such as free shipping in your area and great deals in your location, so that you don’t miss a great opportunity somewhere near you.

3. How Is the Above-Mentioned Information Retrieved?

The information that we require the most is extracted when you first sign-up with us. Other than that, it can be retrieved when you subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter, or when you create an account on our portal. However, no matter how you use OfferNCodes, your information that is collected is kept safe with us. This personal information is in no way misused and we do not spam your inbox with unwanted emails. We also get hold of your information when you make a comment on our guest blogs, on our website, contact us for advertisement or other official purposes. Other than that, if you are using Android to access our social apps, you might find a different set of Terms & Conditions for that.

4. Do We Pass On Your Information?

The answer is simple and clear: No. We do not pass on your information to anyone. It is kept safe with us and it isn’t used in any other purpose other than the ones we have already clarified.

5. How Are Cookies Used At OfferNCodes?

OfferNCodes uses cookies and other such ways such as browser analysis to acquire information about our users. This software’s are used to pick information from the browsers, applications and cell phones. They can extract information from tablets and computer browsers as well. These help us in determining if you are a new customer or a returning one, as Cookies keep an activity log. By determining your purchases preferences, we can make sure what kind of information to present to you.

6. How To Correct Information Provided To Us?

At OfferNCodes you are able to change the information that you might have provided us through forms or by signing up with us. All you have to do is log on to your account with us and correct the required information.

7. Information About Any Necessary Changes?

One of the reasons why OfferNCodes keeps your contact information is to inform you in time about any changes that were made to the website. We make sure that we keep our stakeholders and customers well informed about what goes on and is going to happen at OfferNCodes. If there is any change to the Terms & Conditions, we promptly email you about it.